Wild Wheels
Weekend, Inc.
June 13-14, 2014 will be the first pull for the year. Please join us.




We have a child to sponsor for the first pull, but we don't have the authorization from the parents yet. We need their permission to use a picture of the child and publish their information. As soon as we get that, I will get it put on here.

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Bailey and her check. She has to go for a heart catherization on May 6, so this will help with expenses. They are planning to come to the pull in June.



I have been trying to post the truck rules on here, and for some reason the program keeps shutting down. They are posted on the facebook page. Please check them out there.

Because of the higher cost of insurance, we have decided to add a one-time $5 fee for the week-end. We tossed around a lot of ideas, but this is one that other organizations used, and it seemed to be the best one we found. It is not a decision that came easily--we really hate to charge the guys (and girls) that put on the show, but without insurance there is no show.

The Town of Guilford has told us that we have to abide by the noise ordinance (that no one even knew about)--nothing above street noise level after 11 pm. So, we have to re-arrange the pulling order. We plan to have the larger (noisier) classes pull first.  We aren't sure how this will work yet-we really can't plan until we know how many trucks will be in each class.

We will do our very best to pull this off, but we need everyone's help. I hope to have a board by the registration table showing the pulling order. If the driver's can register when they arrive, that will help (if the tractors are still running, please bear with me and give me time to get your paperwork around).

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As you know, the diesel class changes every year. As of right now, we will do classes the same way we did them in September:

8000 and 9000 lb. diesel stock
8000 and 9000 lb. diesel work stock
8000 and 9000 lb. diesel stock---2.6
Open (if time)

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We had a major issue at the June 2013 pull. Because of this, we have to change things.

There is already a park rule of 'no alcohol on the grounds'.

There will be police officers on the grounds to enforce this rule.

We are sorry it had to come to this, but we will NOT endanger pullers or spectators because of the stupidity of some people. It really scares us when we hear people say, "Let's throw this flare on the track as the next tractor goes by and see what happens!!" We have no desire to see what happens!!!!! And people that think that way are NOT welcome here!!

OK. Enough soap box. I know the majority of people are completely with us on this, so please come out and enjoy the pull.

1)  No glass on the grounds.
There was a LOT of broken glass that we had to clean up.

2) Mandatory hitch size is 3" x 3 3/4".
If not that size, the hook won't fit!!

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We have started a page on facebook.

Go to fb, enter wild wheels weekend, and ask to join our group.
Yep, we decided to join the masses!!



Wild Wheels Weekend is held as a benefit pull.

There seems to be some confusion about our pulls. The pulls we put on are BENEFITS. We make NO MONEY on them at all. All profits (not proceeds) go to help with the medical bills of a local child. All the people working there donate their time.

Anyone who has been to the pulls can see the improvements we have made. The pulls started out with the old football field fixed to become a track. There were no guard rails for safety; no lights for night pulls (remember using headlights to light the track?); a tape measure for measuring; poor scales to weigh in. We now have guard rails on both sides of the track--no more snow fence to separate the track from the spectators; a very well lit track area for the night pulls; we now have a laser to measure distance; and we have been told that our track is the best a lot of the pullers have ever pulled on. These are all improvements that have been made in the last couple years. Most pulls are held during the local fair week, so they get support from the state/county. We receive none of that. All our monies are raised by sponsors, entrance fees and pulling fees. I have added a history page with pictures to show the changes I just mentioned. We very much appreciate the support we receive.

One factor in the town's favor is its location. It is very easy to get to--hard to find on the map, but easy to get to. We are about half-way between Binghamton and Utica on Route 8. It is easily accessible from I-88 (Exit 9-Sidney, then Route 8 north for about 10 miles); Or take Route 8 south from Utica for about 50 miles; or I-81 to Cortland, Route 41 east to Cincinnatus, Route 23 east to South New Berlin, then Route 8 south to Mt. Upton. 

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